Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to CrossTopix!

Hello new visitors! This is the official round table discussion held by three people with various interests as well as at least one guest each week! We discuss past/present/future topics of video games, movies, television, music, and more! Each week, we have a guest panelist promote a project or website of their own, or if the guest has neither, he/she might recommend a movie/book/program that you may or may not have heard of that they feel deserves some recognition. After the topics are discussed, we hold a session where each panelist addresses an answer another panelist has discussed where he/she will talk about whether they agree or disagree with the other person.

Site will launch soon, if you are interested or know someone that is interested in participating in discussion, please leave a comment and we can arrange a guest spot. More info to come! Stay tuned and we hope your return regularly!


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