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CROSSTOPIX #4: Part 2 of 3

Welcome to Part 2 of this week's edition of CrossTopix! Again, we are joined with guest host and CrossTopix's official sports correspondent, Spry!! Today, we discuss our picks for the NCAA Final Four for this weekend, as well as looking ahead and placing our bets on who will be winning the MLB World Series! Also to liven things up, we'll be talking about our experiences in Las Vegas, Nevada!!! If you missed Part 1, be sure to read it here:

4. The new season of Major League Baseball starts next week as everyone waits in anticipation. It’s VERY EARLY but who do you think will win the 2010 World Series?

STVO: The only time I watch baseball (or any sports really for that matter) is when I’m live at the games with my friends. Personally, I get upset when sports pre-empt Fox shows that I do like (Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, etc.) and in my opinion there’s too many commercials when you watch the games on TV. Moving along, I'm basing this pick entirely on faith and one of my family's and close friends' favorite teams: the Chicago White Sox! They may not be the best, but hey, they won it 5 years ago and they do fairly well as far as I know.

If not them, by whatever reason the New York Yankees, the team who won last year. You know, it would be their next back-to-back victory since 1999/2000.

Spry: I pick the Philadelphia Phillies to win it all they are the Yankees of this decade, they reload instead of rebuild. Fighting Phils over the Boston Red Sox!

5. NCAA March Madness continues this week as the Final Four is this weekend. Who are your picks for the two games this weekend? Who will win the championship: Butler, Duke, W. Virginia, or Michigan State?

STVO: It’s a small world we live in. I know little to nothing about these sports but my friend Spry here made an NCAA bracket picks among friends and currently, I am in 2nd place in the brackets! In fact, one game between Duke and West Virginia will determine if I take first!

You see, I guessed each team member blindly but I did try to go with the ranks as well as going with a few upsets and right now, I am calling that Duke will take it all the way! I originally had it be Duke vs. Ohio State, but that isn’t happening so I’m guessing the last

game will be Michigan State vs. Duke. Why? I have no idea…

Spry: GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO Michigan State! Tom Izzo knows how to

coach in big game situations and he has been there before. The last game will be: Michigan State vs. West Virginia.

6. Las Vegas, the Sin City! A place where many go for bachelor/bachelorette parties, get married overnight, or try to earn their luck in winning more money! Describe what your favorite part of Las Vegas is and tell us if you would ever like to visit again.

STVO: Sin City… an inspiration for many great movies and the name of a great comic (and movie!) I have only been to Las Vegas one time and that was a few months after I turned 21. It was me, my dad, brother, and brother’s friend. I enjoyed giving the slot machines and video poker a try. I didn’t gamble anymore than $100 and I only played video Black Jack and the slot machines. I lost $60 overall, I did profit $5 at one point but lost it.

On the non gambling side of things, I loved visiting the Strip! The flashy lights and scenery were very interesting!

I also enjoyed the roller coaster at New York New York. Entering

from the inside and riding the coaster outdoors was a very entertaining experience. I love theme park rides and could not help myself from doing that. I would like to make another trip sometime down the road to possibly see some live shows and go there during a warmer season (I visited during winter time.)

Spry: VIVA LAS VEGA$$$$ --- The city where anything goes, well mostly. I went in there to celebrate my 25th birthday bringing plentiful amounts of cash looking to win big! I went to Vegas without ever going to a gambling boat in Illinois and not much of a gambler.

It was an amazing idea to put money in the slots or sit at a table and get free problem I don't think losing $400 covered the amount of drinks I consumed at the gambling halls. I would win some money then start losing and think I need to get back to even! Then lose completely everything.... not good.

What really boggled my mind

is the fact that nothing really closes and there's no clocks inside the resorts, this leads to late nights when doesn't feel so late.

Other than gambling, I saw the sites of Las Vegas Blvd. we stayed at the Paris which is directly on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The resorts are over the top on the strip and make you feel like you're in a different world...going from Caesar's Palace, Bellagio, Aria (The New City Center), Venetian just to name a few. Once inside they are a trap and its like a giant mouse maze to find the way back out of the resort.

This city instantly became one of my top cities to visit and one of the safest cities. This city isn't for everyone, but there's so much more to do in Vegas than gambling and next time maybe not so much emphasis on gambling and more so on shows.

Til next time Las Vegas! Cheers! I'll be back for my money or to lose more.

That's all for this week's questions!!! Tune in Friday for CrossACTION!!! Until then, leave a comment or visit the Facebook Fanpage!

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CROSSTOPIX #4: Part 1 of 3

Welcome everyone to the fourth edition of CrossTopix! Wow, it's almost been a full month since the site has started going full-time! I hope all of you reading are continuing to enjoy this site as I've been enjoying posting the content. If you are an up-and-coming musician, a future movie maker, or someone with an exciting website, please get in contact with me by e-mail to if you would like to come onto this site. We have many exciting and fun guests lined up from now through the beginning of June but we can always use more!

And with that said, let me introduce to you this week's guest. Not only is he a guest, but he is now a member of the CrossTopix team, let me introduce to you Spry! The official sports correspondent of CrossTopix, now here's a word from him:


Spry: Hello, my name is Spry, the new and official sports correspondent for CrossTopix. I am a graduate from WIU with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting and have had a passion for sports all my life. My favorite sports are baseball, football, and basketball. I have plans on making a new column here and hope to provide more sports-related content for this site!

1. What is the greatest sports movie ever? Is it a comedy like Caddy Shack or The Kingpin? How about a serious drama like Any Given Sunday or Field of Dreams?

STVO: I love all-assortment of sports movies, but I probably lean more towards comedies. The King Pin is one that I have seen many times and laugh every time I watch it. Say what you want about Bill Murray as a person, but he is a very funny guy. Ernie McCracken was such a jerk and so full of himself, you just wanted to see Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson, who is also great) just rip off both of his hands and beat the crap out of him. Bowling is one of my favorite games to play, so this may be another reason I could get into it. Another movie that stands out is The Sandlot. That movie is just a classic movie telling the story about a big group of childhood friends who share the love of baseball and other activities as they play the game and get in mischief together. Except for perhaps the chase scene with the dog “Hercules,” I’m sure many of us have been in similar situations to the main characters during our time as kids.

A few drama movies I did like were Any Given Sunday and Hurricane. I’ve only seen it once and it was 10 years ago, but I did find Any Given Sunday to be a fun “real” inside look at behind-the-scenes of the NFL. Hurricane was an interesting story with Denzel Washington playing Rubin Carter. While they told a good inspirational story, they did candy coat the real life story by making Rubin Carter seem like he was a completely honest and innocent man his whole life despite having some other criminal convictions prior to his murder trials in real life. While I don’t like the movie as much as I did when I first saw it and didn’t know better, it isn’t that bad of a movie.

Spry: Sports movies are great because everyone can relate to a sports movie. Everyone isn’t athletic but they can relate their life to sports in some way or another. The greatest sports movie to me is Field of Dreams. Why? Well, baseball is my favorite sport so this was an easy choice. I love how it displays the history of the game from all the way back into the 1920’s to the present day of the game and where it’s going.

2. In 2005, EA Sports acquired exclusive rights to the NFL license making them nearly a monopoly in the football video game market until 2012 if they aren’t able to renew the deal. Should this kind of practice be held with sports video games? What companies would you like to see make games with the NFL license again?
STVO: I know I’m not the best person to be discussing this as I’m not a big sports gamer or a big sports person in general, but I wish that other companies did have the rights to the NFL license. Many people praise Madden as the best football game around and that’s perfectly fine, but when it comes to the way businesses work, I believe competition brings the best out of everyone (hence why we have great game titles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo usually.) I enjoyed hearing people compare the NFL 2K series to Madden and even hearing stories of why one is the better game or not. Also, I think it would be fun to see Tecmo move onto the modern generation consoles with an NFL license (yes they made Tecmo Bowl DS, but them using the NFL license will make them stand out more. It would be Just like EA using the NBA license in their take of NBA Jam on WiiWare later this year, a title I’m looking forward to.) I’m very old school when it comes to sports video games, Ten Yard Fight and Tecmo Bowl were where it’s at! I just think that the sports-gaming world would be better if 2K Sports, Tecmo, EA, and others were in competition.

Unlike others, I like EA and respect they are one of the biggest game developers in the world and they have to continue to be that by putting their big budgets and power to the test, but I just feel a license like the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, etc. should be available (for the respective fees of course) to the third party developers that choose to do so! I even feel the “non-sports” of UFC, WWE, etc. should be available more than one third party developer (like THQ.) I would love for EA to make a WWE game, use the engine they use for Def Jam Vendetta (the one used in titles such WCW vs. n.W.o World Tour, Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy), keep the rosters up-to-date, and use the EA production values to make the ultimate pro-wrestling game!

Spry: I disagree with the one company making NFL games; sure there are game companies that make unlicensed football games, but nothing is better than NFL-endorsed games. I thought the 2K sports franchise for football had a better interface than the Madden series before EA bought the rights to all NFL titles. I hope that in the future there will be more than just Madden NFL, sure Madden is the top selling sports video game of all time, but competition is good for an industry because it pushes every company to build on their product to make it better.

3. Rare collector’s items, what’s the most you are willing to spend and what for? Also, what do you think of some of the crazy amounts people pay for such (i.e. Stadium Events for NES, Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn, 1st issues of comic books, etc.)

STVO: Well, living in Chicago with a full-time job kind of hampers me collecting much of anything with my paychecks, hence why I use Netflix and Gamefly as opposed to buying movies/video games these days. When I do get those extra spurts of money or back in the day when I lived at home, I would buy older video games for systems like the Sega Saturn and have considered collecting, and for some cases, re-collecting old gaming consoles/games that aren’t available to download on Wii or Xbox 360. The most I can recall spending for games are paying around $25 each for Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 for Sega Saturn in 2009. I usually have been lucky when it comes to buying older video games, plus I can buy many of the older games on Xbox 360 or Wii’s Virtual Console.

Now for those real rare video games, I really would love to play Panzer Dragoon Saga!! I just don’t think I want to pay $150 or more to do so. With that kind of money, you can buy more than one game! Now for those millionaires out there (or wackos taking out their live savings) spending anywhere from $5,000 to $13,000 for Stadium Events for the NES (with Power Pad) are insane in my opinion (well if you’re a millionaire, maybe not.) I remember playing that game (or a really similar one) when I was little and having fun, but I don’t think it was close to being the greatest game of all-time. Later on, I got into DDR and one version I own even has a similar track racing game as an extra in it, which I’m sure you can get for far less money than that. Also, I know people love mint condition collectibles, but paying $3,000 for an SNES version of Chrono Trigger is just ridiculous!! I love that game and would be personally satisfied buying that game on the PlayStation 1 (which I do own that version) or the Nintendo DS version, both which is essentially the same game with possibly more features.

The bottom-line, is if you feel that you can afford these items for the insane amount and won’t go into debt to collect them, more power to you! It is fun to collect things (especially if they’re rare!) but you have to make sure it is at the right price! Now for those that buy Britney Spears’s hair, a make-up case owned by Marilyn Monroe, or a Bill Cosby-worn sweater for those prices, I’m sorry, but… GET A LIFE!!!!!

Spry: Ahh yes memorabilia! There’s something important, historic or interesting about an item… something that makes the item desirable to millions of people. People will pay large dollars for certain items. This is why Ebay was created…..

I’ve heard crazy stories where people bought Ty Cobbs, OF Detroit Tigers, False Teeth. Who buys false teeth? Or Babe Ruths sweat? Most normal people get autographs or pictures, but there is that rare person who buys someone’s hair.

Or you can get some of the Detroit Tigers infield dirt…what do you do with infield dirt?

That's all for Part 1!!! Tune in Wednesday as we make our predictions for the NCAA Final Four and the upcoming MLB season!!!! Also we discuss the best places to go in Las Vegas! In the meantime, log onto Facebook and join the CrossTopix Fanpage. Also be sure to leave comments here on the site to let us know what you think!

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CROSSTOPIX #3: Part 3 of 3 - CrossACTION


Before you read this, you can read parts one and two of this week's CrossTopix.

Alright everyone, all answers have been made. It’s time for the part of the week where we pick one person and discuss one of their topics that we agree or disagree on. Remember; be courteous when expressing your opinions!

STVO: Warning: Spoilers for Saw 3 in my rebuttal, if you haven’t seen it and don’t want it spoiled, don’t read the second paragraph. Nick, in response to your comments of Hostel and Saw being “torture porn,” I heavily disagree with you and others that say that. They are both very entertaining movies that have decent to very good storylines (see Saw 3 which I will get to in a bit.) 5 and 6 of the Saw series fall a little more into senseless violence though, they still connect to all the previous stories. Also, I personally don’t find anything wrong with lots of violence in movies, heck take a look at two popular things in the USA right now: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Call of Duty video game franchise. Okay, they’re not as gory as Saw or Hostel, but still, don’t people cheer when Brock Lesnar draws blood from Frank Mir or if you’re playing CoD: Modern Warfare 2, don’t you get a little excited when you take an opponent out by delivering a headshot from your sniper rifle? That’s what happens with me in Hostel/Saw, it gives me a feeling of “Oh my god!! This did not just happen!!!” Plus, these movies are VERY tame in comparison to “I Spit on Your Grave” and “Cannibal Holocaust”, both movies I actually admit go way too far in what they do and am personally not a big fan of either.

Now defending the storylines, I’ll use 3. In Saw 3, the story is about a dad who got kidnapped by Jigsaw and is in a warehouse. He finds out his daughter has been kidnapped as well. Along the way, to complete puzzles, he runs into three people connected to the death of his young son: 1.) a Woman who witnessed his son’s death but didn’t testify in court to bring the killer to justice, 2.) a judge who gives the killer a light sentence for the crime he committed, and 3.) the killer himself, a medical student who was drinking and driving which resulted into him killing the son. With these three people, he has to decide whether they live or not from Jigsaw’s torture situations, but if the dad lets them die, there are consequences for him. In my opinion this movie alone shows that the Saw series isn’t made just to show killing, but has somewhat of a complex in their stories that make you think. I’m not saying your taste in movies are bad, but I highly recommend giving these movies a chance, at least Saw 1-4 and Hostel 1 and 2.

Nick: The first SAW movie is beyond excellent. Perfect indie movie with a great concept. SPOILER FOR SAW 1: Aside from Cary Elwes' acting when he is sawing his own leg off, I really have no complaints about it. Put yourself back to 2004... before the rush of sequels and movies like Turistas, Hostel, etc... this was a whole new experience for audience members. I actually like the SAW series for a couple reasons... first it's something to look forward to every year... like Christmas. The producers have done a great job of satisfying the interest in the series by pumping out a new WELL DONE sequel every year. SAW also has terrific special effects and a "villain" that will be remembered for a long time.

The PROBLEM that I have with the series is this... anybody... ANYBODY... tell me what happens in the fourth movie? Or what's the plot in the fifth? Did the 3rd movie take place before the first movie? Did the second movie take place after the sixth? When did the main antagonist die? What year is it? Jigsaw should have switched careers from a psycho engineer to a stock trader based on his ability to see into the future and predict the exact actions of every single one of his victims.... months and years in advance.

To summarize my issue with with the series... I believe that it's become very confusing, convoluted, formulaic (such as the twist plot being revealed in a brief montage explaining the entire movie at the end), and uninspired. With that said, they are still better than most horror movies produced and will have a long standing seat in all of our hearts.

And STVO... there is about as much substance in Hostel 2 as there is in Troll 2.

Cheers to Wrestlemania this Sunday... and it's been a pleasure. I look forward to continuing the discussions until everybody agrees that I am ALWAYS right.


Thanks for joining the discussion Nick and with that said, this is the end of week 3 of CrossTopix. Look for Nick Smith to appear in more CrossTopix discussions in the near future as well as the debut of a column he will have here! Please visit his website Insomnia Productions for more details about his movie Storm Life as well as and for more details on his upcoming movie Munger Road.

Fellow readers, return next Monday as next week's guest is Pat Spry, a sports enthusiast. Yes, we will be discussing the greatest sports movies, our picks for NCAA March Madness, some MLB talk, and much more! Thanks for all who've tuned in and have a great weekend as Saturday night will be UFC 111 and Sunday will be Wrestlemania 26!!

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CROSSTOPIX #3: Part 2 of 3

Welcome back to this week's edition with CrossTopix! Alongside STVO, is movie director and a new member of the CrossTopix team, Nick Smith. Now for those that haven't read already, Nick Smith is making a movie called "Munger Road."

As always, if you haven't read Part 1, check it out here. Now that you've caught up... let's resume discussion.

4. Clash of the Titans comes to theaters on April 2nd and later in April, A Nightmare on Elm Street releases nationally. What do they both have in common? They’re both remakes! Ever since the early 2000s we have been seeing a lot more movies being remade for this generation. Do you enjoy seeing some of your favorites (or movies you didn’t care for) being re-envisioned or do you feel that the studios need to start being more creative and produce more movies that are original properties?

STVO: Ah!!!!! There are WAY too many remakes currently out and on their way. Remember when it was kind of unique to see a movie being remade or when a new original movie got released that you would make comparisons of that movie to older favorites? Now we have movie companies re-launching movies that were released a decade or less, remakes to some movies that could probably still have sequels to their original series, and other annoyances. There are some remakes I’ll still see (Clash of the Titans and A Nightmare on Elm Street come to mind) but I find it very pathetic how many unoriginal movies are out there and that sometimes they pick some lesser known movies just to make it seem like it’s an original movie (I Spit on Your Grave, Short Circuit and Drop Dead Fred I’ve heard talks of possibly going the remake route.)

I did not like the remake of Dawn of the Dead as it did not have the excitement and thrills that the original movie has and to me, the remake came off as a watered down version (not in violence, but being an enjoyable movie.) So far only one movie comes to mind of me liking it more than the original. That movie would be My Bloody Valentine 3D. I do LOVE Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I always debate if I like them more than the original two Tim Burton Batman movies though. While I prefer less remakes to be made, one movie I think a quality director should make is Spawn. The comic book series and HBO animated series were fantastic, but the movie left many fans (and new comer fans like myself) very disappointed.

Nick: Well I said in my interview that it is disappointing to me that my generation... our generation... seems to only be good enough to remake or re-imagine the movies that the previous generations already made. Are we out of stories? Looking at the horror genre alone... where are our Freddy Kruger’s or Michael Myers? Aside from Jigsaw and the Ghost Faced Killer from SCREAM... we have yet to create anything iconic. I understand Hollywood’s position on remakes and why they make good business sense. Look, movies cost a lot of money to make and market... and these remakes are a lot safer to do because they have a proven track record. Hollywood would stop making them if they weren’t successful.

On the other hand, I wonder if all of these remakes were to be replaced by new material and new stories... whether or not they would be JUST as successful. Just about every remake has been a waste of time but there have been some good ones. The Amityville Horror was decent. I am actually very curious about the new Nightmare on Elm Street because I believe they are actually doing something different with the story... I don’t want to spoil it... but at least it looks more promising than the Friday the 13th remake.

To answer the question, I do think the movie studios can be more creative but they also are running a business. Perhaps audiences will be soon be burned out by seeing these movies and Hollywood will have to go back to the drawing board. I actually think the one movie that could turn audiences perceptions a little bit will be the new Spiderman movie. Are you F’N joking? We get to watch the same f***ing movie that will BARELY be a decade old and the last sequel will be less than four years old? Spiderman 3 was an abomination. It was the Batman & Robin to the Spiderman series but look, that doesn’t mean SONY needed to start over. The only, ONLY reason why Batman Begins worked was because we hadn’t seen a Batman movie in seven years and it was a new story that had never been told. The first BATMAN, directed by Tim Burton, told about 2 minutes of Bruce Wayne’s story. Batman Begins was fresh and original and I’m glad that I am reinvested in the characters that Christopher Nolan has brought to the screen. Do I really want to reinvest in watching Spiderman come to be? Does his Uncle get shot? How did I predict that? Because I just F’N watched that movie.

5. Sometimes people view movie sequels as a negative occurrence or at least they end up seeing them as not living up to the originals. Despite that, there have been many movies that not only match their predecessor but are superior to the original! What is your favorite movie sequel of all-time? Bonus Question: Favorite Video Game Sequel.

STVO: One very obvious sequel I loved was The Dark Knight! It had so many exciting thrills, phenomenal acting from Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, and just a much superior story to Batman Begins, even though that movie had an already impressive story. If a third movie is made, I don’t foresee it surpassing The Dark Knight.

From my childhood a movie sequel that still hits my heart today is “Back to the Future Part 2.” Seeing the depth of how they tried to make an “accurate” representation of the future during 1985 with Pepsi and Pizza Hut endorsements and many fascinating ideas such as going back to the past and placing bets on many different baseball games to become a millionaire was brilliant! Watching it today, you have a good laugh seeing a 1980s representation of what things will look like in 5 years from now. Yeah, I don’t foresee mini-Pizza Hut pizzas growing larger or a 3D Jaws movie looking like what they had pictured. Still, I have to pick this as my favorite sequel of all-time. Runners-Up Include: Devil’s Rejects (sequel to House of 1000 Corpses), Dawn of the Dead, and let’s not forget the “epic” ending in Short Circuit 2 with Johnny 5 jumping in the air for celebration, hahaha.

I won’t go into too much depth with the video game answer (this one could work as a separate question again later on) but some of my favorite sequels include Zelda: A Link to the Past (With Ocarina of Time coming close!), Super Mario World, Sonic & Knuckles, and Resident Evil 4!

Nick: The best sequel, HANDS DOWN is THE DARK KNIGHT. There has NEVER been a sequel that has been produced quite like that movie. I’d like ANYBODY to name me one movie that not only lived up to the IMMENSE hype that TDK had but then surpassed it. From the IMAX production, live stunts, filming around the World, the cast... everything about this movie was EPIC. TDK IS the definitive sequel and comic book movie... surpassing my previous favorite.... Spiderman 2.

I know a lot of people would say The Godfather Part II. F*** the Godfather series! Yes, it helped shaped what we watch as movies today but I will take Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, or Road to Perdition over the Godfather any day... it terms of Gangster Movies. Also, just to throw this out there... I think Scream 2 is superior to the original Scream.

As far as best sequel to a video game... I would go with either Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES or Mortal Kombat 2, for the Sega Genesis. Most disappointing sequel? Resistance 2 for the PS3.

6. There are many different types of horror movies: Monster movies, psychological thrillers, serial killers, sci-fi, etc. What genre is your favorite and what makes you enjoy it the most?

STVO: I love a good horror movie, even if it doesn’t end up scaring me. As long as it has a good story, is a little comedic or just one that has an event similar to those you actually could believe seeing on the news, those ones work best for me. That’s why I like movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, and the Devil’s Rejects. These involve some of the worst, most deranged people you can ever think of torturing mostly innocent people with no remorse for what they have done. Sure the acting may not always be that greatest, but to see these actions happening and picturing the relation of these events to a real one, sends a horrifying chill down my spine. Something I feel a good horror movie should have.

I really enjoy the Saw movies as well, while I can’t picture someone being as big of a mastermind like Jigsaw making all those traps for that many people, it creates an interesting what-if scenario and it’s unique scenario of how crazy one man gets by trying to do good for the world, that instead, he ends up doing so much wrong!!! I respect monster and sci-fi movies as they can be entertaining as well (for some of them, very humorous as well.) I personally don’t like ghost stories or those movies where you don’t see the person/thing killing the victims. Those movies don’t send any chills to me and not seeing the person committing these acts just doesn’t terrify me whatsoever. Sixth Sense was decent but not a personal favorite. Movies like The Blair Witch Project come off as somewhat lazy to me personally because to me, they just couldn’t properly paint a good vision of a murderer. Seeing people cry and complain about who’s giving them a scare for their life without showing the tormenter or the actions doesn’t receive any sympathy from me (I’m talking about the movie world, not real life events!!!) I also did not like Cloverfield as it screamed “Blair Witch Wanna-be” but with a creature like Godzilla only not nearly as interesting. None of that viral marketing had me interested at all. While it may be better than the last two I discussed, I have no interest in seeing Paranormal Activity as I just see more of that “oh it’s there and it’s going to kill us!!!” garbage without seeing what really happens.

To cap off, I also want to say I enjoy movies/series such as Child’s Play, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th (any but the original two, Jason’s mom, haha!), Leprechaun, or real B-movie goodness like Gingerdead Man. These movies aren’t scary, but they are entertaining and with characters like Freddy Krueger or Chucky, I always get a good a laugh!

Nick: My favorite sub-genre from Horror would be psychological thrillers. I F’N hate Zombie movies but I’m into mostly everything from SCREAM, to the RING, to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Leprechaun, The Blair Witch Project, Final Destination, etc. Other than zombie... I dabble in it all. I’m glad Hollywood is pretty much off their Japanese horror remake binge... Wasn’t the biggest fan of that genre either. Not a big fan of the “Torture Porn” genre either such as the Saw sequels, Hostel, etc. Although the first SAW movie was fantastic... but it’s nothing like the sequels.

What I like most about horror movies... is that it really is one genre that affects audience’s senses and emotions the most. You can be terrified, laugh, in suspense, smile, cry (maybe, I cry when I watch TROLL 2), and it also has the MOST LOYAL fan base of any genre. You feel like you are apart of a larger group when you are in a theater watching a horror movie because it caters to a special audience.

The most fun I have EVER had in a movie theater was watching two different HORROR movies. Seeing the Ring, back in 2003, was an experience I will never forget. Now you have to remember that back then... none of us knew what we were in for and during most of the movie I was actually using my NOKIA cell phone to block the movie screen... I was terrified. Freddy Vs. Jason was the other... my experience in that theater was probably influenced by the fact that we were at a inner-city mega-plex in Michigan and the audience definitely took sides on who they wanted to win. Freddy Kruger 4-Life!

In closing, stop pirating movies. I’m not going to preach... but everybody reading this... think about your job for a second. Do you like the fact that it pays you money? Movies are people’s jobs. They should be paid for their job... and piracy is actually forcing people to lose their jobs. Whether or not you hate your job or not... it would kind of suck to lose it because of theft... If you were, say, a manager at Walgreens... it would be ABSOLUTE B.S. to lose your job because of too many tampons or candy bars were being stolen.

STVO: While I don't like to do CrossACTION segments until Friday, I will state I wholeheartedly agree with Nick's last paragraph. It's been believed that Hostel 2 didn't succeed as well as the first one (especially in other countries) due to the movie being pirated before it was even released! I personally enjoyed the movie and am very upset that there won't be a sequel to that movie (or at least a theatrical one.) That could happen to any of your favorite movies and also, there's many ways to save money for movies via Netflix, signing up for free movie showings (I saw Hot Tub Time Machine way before it was officially released in theaters legally AND FOR FREE!), etc. Take the part of people losing their jobs seriously at least, this is a bad economic time here!

That is all for discussion questions of CrossTopix, CrossACTION will take place on Friday as usual. STVO will not do a rebuttal/agreement on movies being pirated again, as he has something else on his mind he'd like to discuss. Nick very likely has something else up to his sleeve too.

In the meantime, please leave some comments about this week's discussion or even future suggestions on what we should discuss or do to make this site better for you. Also, become fan of CrossTopix on Facebook by joining the page right here.