Saturday, February 20, 2010

CROSSTOPIX #0: The Pilot (3 of 3) - CrossACTION

Alright everyone! The questions have been answered and agreements/rebuttals have been decided... This is the sound-off section we like to call, CrossACTION! If you haven't read any of the discussions yet, follow these links:
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Alright everyone, this is the ending segment of each week where each participant picks another participant and either gives a rebuttal or a full-agreement in relation to a certain topic. Everyone, please be courteous and respectful with your views.

STVO: In response to Charlie Cat’s opinion of the movies of 2009, I disagree with his view on one particular movie, and that one was Terminator Salvation. Okay, so the movie wasn’t as great as Terminator 1 or 2, but it was at least 10 times better than the horrendous 3rd movie. Despite being PG-13 (one issue I did have with the movie) there was a lot of great action and I thought that Christian Bale did a great job playing the role of John Connor and Sam Worthington made a great cyborg. After seeing this movie, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some sequels down the road. Heck, original director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger even felt it was a decent movie. Again, my only gripe was that this movie was PG-13 which led to a reduction of mature content movie from the previous Terminators. I understand film studios are trying to get more people to see it, but I personally don’t like it when an R-rated movie goes down to a PG-13 rating because it sometimes feels like it’s going to be watered down from the previous films.

Charlie Cat: (In response to movies of 2009) STVO, I couldn't agree more that 2008 was an overall much better year for movies and you named three gems from that year. :) I forgot my shout out to Zombieland, that was a good one! Love my zombies. I am weird in that I kinda liked G.I. Joe but you're right in what you said, all in all, it's nothing to get excited about nor trash to death. Where I have major differences are with The Hangover and Wolverine. No disrespect but those were terrible movies, box office success aside, especially what The Hangover brought in. Yikes! But The Hangover is just another Old School/American Pie/Role Models pile of barf. We've lost the great comedy writers and actors. Where have they gone? The people who were truly funny people with their skills, not some outlandish line involving anal sex or f-bombs. Wolverine? It broke so much continuity of its after movies. Sabertooth knew Wolverine?! Then why so unfriendly when they meet up in the first X-Men movie. SPOLIER ALERT: And at the end Scott Summers was saved by Wolverine and is rescued by a lame CGI Professor X because I guess Patrick Stewart was unavailable. And then cramming in Gambit and the Blob in suck lame ways. I did however, unlike many others, like Deadpool. He was one of the highlights of the movie.

That is all for this week’s edition of CrossTopix! Please leave feedback of what you thought in the comment section on this site or on our Facebook fanpage! We are looking to do another edition very soon! Take care and have a good Valentine’s weekend!

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  1. Well no matter what, I don't really care for Cyclops, I always thought he was a panzy, but I do agree that Wolverine wasn't as good as it should have been, and like Rorschach, Deadpool highlighted this film where some of the other characters and plot devices were lacking. I do like Gambit, he's one of my favorite X-men, but I don't even remember how he was introduced, which probably means it wasn't that impressive to begin with if I've forgotten about it already.