Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cross X-amine: An Interview with (the band that) NEVERWHAS

Welcome to a new edition of the Cross X-amine! It's been a few months since I've done one but upon further talks with some friends who have interesting projects going on, I have a couple interesting ones that should be going on between now and a few months ahead! Today though, I speak with an exciting rock band from St. Charles, Illinois. Introducing Michael Rubicz providing vocals and guitar, Nik Rubicz also providing vocals and guitar, Rick Rubicz on drums, and Chris Conrades on bass guitar. They are a band.... the band that NEVERWHAS!

Conducted via Facebook messaging with Nik, the answers are provided by Nik and his brothers as a whole.

STVO: When did Neverwhas form and how did you guys decide to start it?

NEVERWHAS: NeverWhas formed in/around October of 07’. Rick had always been interested in percussion and finally got himself little rock kit and started jammin with Mike and Nik in our folk’s basement. Soon after, we found a bassist (who no longer plays in our group) and started writing songs together and collaborating on songs Mike had already written.

STVO: You guys have a very catchy rock beat (and I've listened to your stuff recently and I have to say I really do like it!) What rock artists inspired each of you?

NEVERWHAS: The interesting thing is that everyone collectively has so many influences in so many different genres of music that it all comes together in a big musical melting pot. It really is hard to say where our sound comes from. Readers of this blog may need a bigger hard drive to house all of the groups we are inspired by. =)

STVO: You guys currently have three albums out: We Grow Skulls, Branded New, and your latest, Original Rock Original Roll. Do each of you have a personal favorite or recommendations what new listeners should introduce themselves to with first?

NEVERWHAS: Original rock, Original Roll is an E.P. so far, and is a great example of how a band can grow together and inspire each other to progress as musicians. In addition, it is the latest recording we have, and it features Chris playing bass. He really adds a flare to his side of the stage and his style is a huge compliment to the new tunes we have recorded.

STVO: On June 19th, I noticed you will be performing at the Chord on Blues in St. Charles, IL. Everyone, it's only $5 cover and if you're off on a Saturday night and in town, I recommend it. Where are some other venues you all have performed and what one is your favorite?

NEVERWHAS: We all really love jammin’ at Chord on Blues because the stage has an old soul to it. Many great blues acts have come through there with their beat up guitars and smokey voices and you can feel the energy emanating from it. That in turn helps us to convey our energy to the crowd and it really makes for an awesome experience for everyone.

Recently we have also played a rockin’ set at Rockford’s Bar 3. It is an old strip club and one side of the stage is a wall of mirrors. Without sounding vain hopefully, as the performer, you can look to the side and see the full picture of the band while on stage. It lets you know you are real, and what you are doing is actually happening.

We look forward to performing there again in late July.

STVO: CrossTopix has discussed this issue a couple times: I've noticed you sell your music on both CD and iTunes. Do you guys have a personal preference of what format you produce your works on or what you'd rather stick around with?

NEVERWHAS: The best thing about creating and recording music independently is that you get to hear what you’ve done any time you want……and it’s free-after the cost of production of course.

I suppose that question would be better answered as a fan of music, not a creator of it.

Technology has given us a way to get the music and movies we want faster and more efficiently, but, who doesn’t love rippin’ open that security seal with their teeth and unfolding a sweet looking artistic panel filled with lyrics, pictures and other colorful representations from the bands mind.

We have done well so far on itunes and other e-music sites, and with disc sales as well. As long as the music is getting to the listener, we can leave it up to them to decide how they want it.

STVO: Since you guys are living the lives or rock'n'rollers, we all know some of the most famous have done or been in crazy situations where bats heads are bitten off and hotel rooms are trashed! I don't know if you guys are that crazy, but are there any crazy stories from your concerts you think you can share?

NEVERWHAS: We get crazy on stage. Most of our off stage, after show experiences have been filled with boisterous laughter and conversation over beers with friends/fans. Destruction isn’t our thing. We want to be invited back to places we go. But Mike did smash a guitar in a parking lot during one of our Halloween sets a couple years back……energy…….the energy consumes you. And you have to let it.

STVO: Finally, what are some parting words you guys have for aspiring music artists? Also what are the band's next big plans for the next years?

NEVERWHAS: We have only scratched the surface in this industry, but so far, striving to have fun has been a key part in staying happy and creative. Ya’ lose that, and you might as well start writing laundry detergent jingles, there is money in that I hear.

Special thanks to all four members of (the band that) NeverWhas for taking their time out to speak with CrossTopix! If you are interested in listening to some of their jams or finding out even more info with the group, visit Just like CrossTopix, you can find NEVERWHAS on Facebook, MySpace, and also listen to them on Jango.

Once again, NEVERWHAS will be performing this coming Saturday June 19th at the Chord on Blues in St. Charles, Illinois. It is located on 106 S. 1st Avenue, St. Charles, IL ( The show starts at 8:30 PM, $5 admission, plenty of drink specials, must be 21.

Tune in later tonight for the start of All Gamers Week!

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