Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Official Cancellation of CrossTopix

The day has officially come. Before I start ranting on the reason of the cancellation, I want to thank everyone who helped make the website, all the guests who participated with the site, and more importantly everyone who read the site! While I know it was a very small amount of people, I do appreciate those who would take the time out to check my site out. Now onto the reason:

After a couple different proposals on how to run the site, revamp it, and possibly go to video, I have decided to move on for the meantime. My reasons for this is the site hasn't taken off like I had hoped it would by this time and I have had several people who expressed interests at some point back out of the project. With CrossTopix, I believe it would be more interesting if more people than just myself were involved as I honestly don't want to turn the site into me being on a webcam ranting for 5-15 minutes on a certain topic or topics. With all respect to everyone out there, there's too many video sites like that out there and with this site I wanted to create something a little more interesting to read/watch.

While I have no plans to make any new updates to my site at this time, it's not to say that I might return to this site in the future. I'm not expecting it to happen for now, but in the past decade we have seen shows like Family Guy and Futurama back to TV, other websites once canceled brought back to the Internet, etc. If me and a couple others have a good idea, I will be more than happy to bring back the site.

At this time I have a couple personal responsibilities I would like to attend to and I am hoping that I will eventually announce another web project I do have in mind. I really liked working on CrossTopix and if I felt more people were viewing the site, I would have gladly continued to do so as I really do have fun producing CrossTopix. If it weren't for the real world or needing money, I would probably just do this everyday! :)

Once again, thank you all for your support! Look for a possible announcement on a new project that I'd like to start as early as 2011!

- STVO Kage

P.S. I will be leaving pretty much all the previous content of this website up and encourage you all to re-read or as NBC says, if you haven't read it, it's new to you! Feel free to message me with questions about the site or if you feel like discussing the topics:

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