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CROSSTOPIX #4: Part 2 of 3

Welcome to Part 2 of this week's edition of CrossTopix! Again, we are joined with guest host and CrossTopix's official sports correspondent, Spry!! Today, we discuss our picks for the NCAA Final Four for this weekend, as well as looking ahead and placing our bets on who will be winning the MLB World Series! Also to liven things up, we'll be talking about our experiences in Las Vegas, Nevada!!! If you missed Part 1, be sure to read it here:

4. The new season of Major League Baseball starts next week as everyone waits in anticipation. It’s VERY EARLY but who do you think will win the 2010 World Series?

STVO: The only time I watch baseball (or any sports really for that matter) is when I’m live at the games with my friends. Personally, I get upset when sports pre-empt Fox shows that I do like (Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, etc.) and in my opinion there’s too many commercials when you watch the games on TV. Moving along, I'm basing this pick entirely on faith and one of my family's and close friends' favorite teams: the Chicago White Sox! They may not be the best, but hey, they won it 5 years ago and they do fairly well as far as I know.

If not them, by whatever reason the New York Yankees, the team who won last year. You know, it would be their next back-to-back victory since 1999/2000.

Spry: I pick the Philadelphia Phillies to win it all they are the Yankees of this decade, they reload instead of rebuild. Fighting Phils over the Boston Red Sox!

5. NCAA March Madness continues this week as the Final Four is this weekend. Who are your picks for the two games this weekend? Who will win the championship: Butler, Duke, W. Virginia, or Michigan State?

STVO: It’s a small world we live in. I know little to nothing about these sports but my friend Spry here made an NCAA bracket picks among friends and currently, I am in 2nd place in the brackets! In fact, one game between Duke and West Virginia will determine if I take first!

You see, I guessed each team member blindly but I did try to go with the ranks as well as going with a few upsets and right now, I am calling that Duke will take it all the way! I originally had it be Duke vs. Ohio State, but that isn’t happening so I’m guessing the last

game will be Michigan State vs. Duke. Why? I have no idea…

Spry: GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO Michigan State! Tom Izzo knows how to

coach in big game situations and he has been there before. The last game will be: Michigan State vs. West Virginia.

6. Las Vegas, the Sin City! A place where many go for bachelor/bachelorette parties, get married overnight, or try to earn their luck in winning more money! Describe what your favorite part of Las Vegas is and tell us if you would ever like to visit again.

STVO: Sin City… an inspiration for many great movies and the name of a great comic (and movie!) I have only been to Las Vegas one time and that was a few months after I turned 21. It was me, my dad, brother, and brother’s friend. I enjoyed giving the slot machines and video poker a try. I didn’t gamble anymore than $100 and I only played video Black Jack and the slot machines. I lost $60 overall, I did profit $5 at one point but lost it.

On the non gambling side of things, I loved visiting the Strip! The flashy lights and scenery were very interesting!

I also enjoyed the roller coaster at New York New York. Entering

from the inside and riding the coaster outdoors was a very entertaining experience. I love theme park rides and could not help myself from doing that. I would like to make another trip sometime down the road to possibly see some live shows and go there during a warmer season (I visited during winter time.)

Spry: VIVA LAS VEGA$$$$ --- The city where anything goes, well mostly. I went in there to celebrate my 25th birthday bringing plentiful amounts of cash looking to win big! I went to Vegas without ever going to a gambling boat in Illinois and not much of a gambler.

It was an amazing idea to put money in the slots or sit at a table and get free problem I don't think losing $400 covered the amount of drinks I consumed at the gambling halls. I would win some money then start losing and think I need to get back to even! Then lose completely everything.... not good.

What really boggled my mind

is the fact that nothing really closes and there's no clocks inside the resorts, this leads to late nights when doesn't feel so late.

Other than gambling, I saw the sites of Las Vegas Blvd. we stayed at the Paris which is directly on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The resorts are over the top on the strip and make you feel like you're in a different world...going from Caesar's Palace, Bellagio, Aria (The New City Center), Venetian just to name a few. Once inside they are a trap and its like a giant mouse maze to find the way back out of the resort.

This city instantly became one of my top cities to visit and one of the safest cities. This city isn't for everyone, but there's so much more to do in Vegas than gambling and next time maybe not so much emphasis on gambling and more so on shows.

Til next time Las Vegas! Cheers! I'll be back for my money or to lose more.

That's all for this week's questions!!! Tune in Friday for CrossACTION!!! Until then, leave a comment or visit the Facebook Fanpage!

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