Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CrossTopix #9: Top 5 Favorite Comics and Discussions on Iron Man 2, Mavel-Disney, and Capcom vs. Marvel 3

It's an all-new week of CrossTopix! This week is heavily Marvel comics based as we celebrate this week's release of Iron Man 2!!! With that said, discussion this week includes the movie Iron Man 2, our top 5 favorite comics, opinions regarding the Disney-Marvel Comics Merger, and the upcoming and long-awaited PS3/Xbox 360 title, Capcom vs. Marvel 3!!!

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Now without further ado, introducing this week's stylin' and profilin' guest and good friend of mine.....

Joelemite: So like hey, I’m Joelemite, an avid comic reader going on 21 years. Started reading when I was 5; thanks mom! Anyway, I want to see Iron Man 2 but I’m not so sure on Whiplash… why does he look like Vato? Check out “The Losers” comic series (which has a movie out right now.) Keep Indie Comics Alive!


Thanks Joelemite! Now onto this week, starting with the Top 5!

1.) List your Top 5 Favorite Comic Books.


1. Batman

2. Spider-Man

3. Shadow Man

4. Punisher

5. Dead Pool

These are all comics I have

read or have followed different stories of (via video games, movies, TV, etc.) and I love each one of them. I want to get more into comics in the near future as they are very entertaining. When I was younger I missed out on most of them by being a regular collector of Sonic the Hedgehog and Ren and Stimpy comics, haha.


1. Dead Pool

2. Losers

3. Y: The Last Man on Earth

4. Lobo

5. Crimson

2.) With the excitement of Iron Man 2 coming out this week, some comic fans felt that Whiplash might not have been the best choice for a villain. What do you think? Also, do you believe this Iron Man will be superior in quality to the first movie?

STVO: I honestly don’t know too much of the Iron Man story from the comics, but I really enjoy the story that I do know. So far, the reviews are hot on this movie and I loved the very first movie. I need to brush up on my overall comic book reading, so I’m sure if I did know more, I could make a better comment. Anyway, I think Iron Man 2 might be better than the original. War Machine looks very impressive, the current trailer is really exciting me, and with Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, I don’t think too much bad could happen.

Look at it this way: Blade wasn’t that popular of a comic book series. When they brought it to the big screen, a lot of people fell in love with that character. The same can be said for comic book movies in general. How I see it, is if you can make it work, go for it! With Mickey Rourke in the role I can’t see it being too bad. There are exceptions of course, like anyone playing Aqua Man…

Joelemite: I don’t like Whiplash as villain for this movie. I think they should have gone with Crimson Dynamo or Frost Bite; they could stand a fighting chance against iron man. Even the Living Laser would be a great choice as a villain.

3.) What do you think of the Walt Disney-Marvel merger so far? What are you expecting for Disney to do in the future with Marvel?

STVO: Some mergers can be bad for certain fans (G4-Tech TV, WWE-WCW-ECW, etc.) Changes could be bad, but for me, including those examples, some companies come and go, I don’t let my anger hold forever. This one is a little different though, I don’t predict Disney dissolving Marvel anytime in this lifetime. It would be like Warner Bros. getting rid of DC, absolute craziness! I view this as an opportunity for Disney to generate more revenue from comics, mature properties, and even more cartoons (they already air several old Marvel cartoons on Disney XD.) Pretty much, I believe Disney will use this as an opportunity to produce movies and books under a mature label that they don’t want family-friendly Disney associated with. Disney will continue with their usual family-faire and they might add some Marvel characters such as The Hulk or Spider-Man in for the ride at times. I do foresee a pre-teen cartoon series similar to Teen Titans coming down the road (they already have Marvel Super Hero Squad airing, that’s pretty close.)

Joelemite: I was against the Disney-Marvel merger at first. I didn’t want Disney to destroy the comics I love as they have been a huge part of my life. I have been reading comics for 20 years now; I learned how to read from X-Men and Spider-Man but since the merger has not affected the comics in the least. So if they keep going the direction they are going, I’m okay.

4.) Capcom has officially announced Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the sequel to a very beloved series. Does this news excite you and who are some characters you would like to square off from both the Marvel and Capcom universes?

STVO: I suck at fighting games admittedly, but I do love the Street Fighter and Capcom Vs. series. With that said I’m excited for the game. I’m happy to hear Iron Man is in the game as I would love to see him square off against Mega Man! I know Chris Redfield is in the game, which I’m very happy about, but I would love to see the G-Virus from Resident Evil take on Carnage from Spider-Man.

Other Marvel Characters I want: Venom, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Magneto, Juggernaut, The Punisher, Deadpool, Jean, Mystique, Black Cat, and Doctor Octopuss. Any Disney characters (while doubtful) would be a funny surprise.

Other Capcom Characters: Viewtiful Joe, Dante of Devil May Cry, M. Bison, Cammy, Bionic Commando, Guile, Albert Wesker, and Jube or Samonoske from the Onimusha series.

Joelemite: Looking forward to it. Characters I want in this one are Cloak and Dagger, Guerilla Man, Mystique, Sentury, and Captain Britain.


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  1. I wouldn't consider "The Losers" to be an independent comic. It's under Vertigo, which isn't the same as being under DC proper, but it's pretty close, to me, Indie stuff would be like Hack/Slash, Joe the Barbarian, or Fables. Secondly, it's "Y: The Last Man." On the topic of Disney's influence over Marvel, what've they done so far? I haven't noticed a thing. I didn't care about the merger when it was first happening and I don't care about it now. Really it's just so Disney can make money off of your kids with merchandise and cartoon shows. I don't have kids, so this has zero impact on me. Marvel, however, does need to work on the quality of their shit that they are pumping out onto shelves. Aside from Matt Fraction's Iron Man, I have trouble finding a Marvel book that keeps my interest (thanks for killing Punisher and turning him into to Franken-Castle, dumbasses!). And Steve; Yes, I would love to to kick the shit out of Ryu with Minnie Mouse. Or, better yet, Kick-Ass (it's Marvel's sister company, Icon, but whatevs)!

  2. According to Joelemite, "Fables" is under the Vertigo label which "The Losers" is as well.

    Like I said for Disney/Marvel as long as they don't censor the Punisher to G-rated or make Spider-Man full of pop music stars (on a permanent basis) I'll be alright as well. Interesting about Kick-Ass being from a sister company of Marvel, that's news to me! :O

    Some Disney Characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Haha yes Mickey and Minnie Mouse would be great, Goofy, Genie from Aladdin, Pinocchio, etc. I wouldn't want it over done though or tone down the fighting, then we'd have Kingdom Hearts and honestly, I'm not a big fan.