Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Anime Central Visitors!

Hello to all of the people who received a card from me, STVO Kage (aka Disco Stu). Thank you for deciding to give my site a look. Anyway, I just wanted to say I have been to Anime Central 7 times between 2002-2010 ('06 and '07 had to skip due to college finals conveniently falling right after the weekend of the con!!!!) It gets larger and larger each year and I continue to love it.

Anyway, I just started the website CrossTopix this year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I decided to try to promote it this year at Anime Central and will likely do it again at Wizard World in August and any other conventions or events I may attend. About the website, CrossTopix is an entertainment website that contains interviews, reviews, comparison features, and the current heart/soul of the website, the weekly discussion feature simply known as CrossTopix. In the main feature, each week me and 1-2 guests discuss assorted topics in relation to movies, video games, comics, TV, music, and other random topics such as food. Each of the guests are unique as they share their dreams or are currently working on certain projects that they hope to make it big one day or already are!

Here's a brief synopsis of articles we have here:

The Cross X-Amine: An Interview feature with the guests who join for the week. STVO discusses questions with each guest including their inspirations, what the project is about, and when we can expect to see more of the said project.

* Nick Smith (Indepedent Movie Director) Discusses Upcoming Movie, Munger Road:

* Rhodrick Magsino and Robin Poppert (Web Cartoon Makers) Discuss Online Series, Little Brass Bird:

The Verdict: Newly debuted feature involving a jury of 2-4 people either comparing two alike movies/games/shows or deciding whether one product is good or bad. The most votes given to one side is determined the winner, if it's a tie, we let YOU help us decide.

* What is Better: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 or 2010? -

CrossTopix: The Roundtable discussions. So far there has been a total of 10 (11 if you include the pilot.) The format has been greatly evolved since we first started. I am going to post my favorites of each genre:

* Movie-Discussion:,,,,

* Video Game-Discussion:,,

* Music Discussion:,,

* TV Discussion:,,

* Sports Discussion:,,

* Comics/Animation:,,,

Later this year, I am hoping to go "dot-com". I hope to hear any and all feedback about what you think of the site and its various articles! If you would like to make an appearance on the site or have any questions, leave a comment here or e-mail me at

This week there's no CrossTopix, but I will be writing a review on Anime Central 2010, Nick Smith will be posting an article "Movies that Can Even Make a Guy Cry" and a possible article from Spry as well. All articles on this article are clear of strong language unless otherwise indicated.

Hope to hear from all of you!

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