Friday, April 2, 2010

CROSSTOPIX #4: Part 3 of 3 - CrossACTION


It's Friday..... It's CrossACTION! Alright everyone, all answers have been made. It’s time for the part of the week where we pick one person and discuss one of their topics that we agree or disagree on. Remember; be courteous when expressing your opinions!

Again, this week's guest is Spry, the official Sports Correspondent of CrossTopix
If you haven't read Part 1, Read it Here: Part 2, Read it Here:

STVO: Well Spry, we mostly agreed with everything this week… so I will just elaborate a little further in my opinion of competition is for the better. The problem with a game like Madden NFL is that while it does seem to improve every year it sometimes ends up being very similar to the previous year’s edition or they remove features just for the sake of removing features in order to use them in the following year’s edition once again. I think if EA Sports had a competitor like 2K Sports, Sony, Microsoft, etc. they wouldn’t feel the need to make the Madden series have the same sense of repetition or the need to remove features, rather add more new features and greatly improve on the ones from the previous year. It doesn’t apply to just EA, but all other game developers as well.

From last week’s discussion, I have a feeling that either Nintendo will either greatly improve their titles because of Sony and Microsoft’s attempts to emulate them or they all might just stop if they don’t make any kind of dent in gaming. Another competition I enjoy is between EA/MTV Games’ Rock Band vs. Activision’s Guitar Hero series. It’s always fun to see what features each can add to their games or even what songs the company will use to sway the music fans towards one or another.

Spry: Even though I did disagree with STVO originally about sports movies...I do love sports comedies. One of the best sports comedies is Caddyshack, even though there isn't much golf being played. The Sandlot was a mix between comedy and reminiscing the good 'ole days with your buddies. You don't have to be a sports fan to like sports comedies because they are so funny! The best movies are Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, but for the broader audience sports movies are the best! Kingpin and Caddyshack are both Bill Murray films so maybe he's just a great sports comedian.
And with all that said, thank you for tuning into CrossTopix this week, we both hope you enjoyed it! Special thanks to Sports Correspondent: Spry for joining this week and a Happy Birthday to him as well as he turns 25 today and is most likely out partying tonight! Tune in this Monday as we have an appearance from former CrossTopix regular Charlie Cat and special guest Caitlyn ∞ Welty. In the meantime, please comment on this week's topics here or the Facebook Fanpage!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of you out there!!!

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