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CROSSTOPIX #5: Part 1 of 3

Hello everyone, welcome to a new edition of CrossTopix! The original guest this week was unable to join us for personal reasons but we do have an appearance from one of the original members this week, Charlie Cat! Throughout the week, we'll explore many different topics and hope to bring you a good read this week!

1. So how about Superman? Is he the ultimate superhero or do you find him corny? Be honest and give

your reasons.

STVO: I have no worries about being honest… yes he is very corny! He is the template for pro wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, and John Cena by being people who can take out smaller guys in under 5 seconds and almost never losing their battles. One problem I have with Superman is that most adaptations I’ve seen with him never have Clark Kent try to distinguish a different look than Superman (only thing I’ve noticed of difference is glasses and wearing a superhero suit, doesn’t even try to change his hair style or cover his face…) I’m personally in preference of heroes that do show weaknesses such as Batman, Spiderman, Booster Gold, etc. Except for Kryptonite, nothing really stops him (well except Doomsday that one time…) and in my opinion, that’s kind of boring.

I won’t end this with all hatred. For one, he is in my opinion the starting point for many superheroes (heck, that’s probably why they’re called SUPERheroes?) Also, if you get the best writers, they can do some fun stories. I did enjoy most of Superman: The Animated Series from Kids WB as well as the Justice League animated series. Also two animated movies you should all see are Superman-Doomsday and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (for real beautiful scenery, watch the blu-ray versions.) I also have to say I enjoyed the Sega Genesis title Death and Return of Superman. Overall though, not a fan and his N64 game is among the worst games ever made!

CharlieCat: I have a special place in my heart for the last son of Kyrpton. Superman to me will always be the archetype for superhero and timeless. His primary colored basic costume and soaring through the sky with that look of optimism is why I adore him so much. He is the ultimate superhero in that he could easily kill anyone and rule us like a God, but he uses his incredible powers for good. Created during an era where the world almost destroyed itself (WWII) and existing in today’s uncertain world of corruption and fanaticism he is needed more than ever. He is the hero we don't deserve but still does all he can to help us. He puts the safety of others before all else. Sacrificing his body; taking mega hits from Doomsday and Darkseid, stopping asteroids hurtling towards the earth, and just catching that reporter falling off a building. Other superheroes in the comic world (DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, etc.) may have powers to challenge the man of steel but none come close in having his heart and will to be the ultimate good in a chaotic world.

2. Let’s talk about what seems to be a lost passion among many people… Books! Who is your favorite

author and what are some works from he/she that you have enjoyed? How often do you read a book?

STVO: Let me answer the last question first, sadly I don’t read books that often and for that, I’m ashamed. Books regularly contain more content than their movie counterparts plus they usually get away with more too. I do appreciate books though. One author I recommend is Paul Zindel: he wrote an interesting trilogy of books I read in middle school called The Pig Man. It’s been a long time, but what I enjoyed about the book was the story of kids meeting a lonely/odd yet very friendly man, who becomes a good part of their life. Another author I did like was classic author, Ernest Hemingway. I really did enjoy reading The Old Man and the Sea as I found that to be a very fun read.

I often like to read information pertaining to famous people/things: celebrities, wrestlers, presidents, serial killers, companies, etc. Most of the time, I look up articles online or watch movies made about those people, companies, or places. I have read plenty of biographies about them though (one about George Bush Sr., one about pro-wrestler Mick Foley, and I did read some of Donald Trump’s self help book) all of which I found very entertaining. While I do work full-time, am busy with this website, and spend most of my leisure either online, playing video games, watching movies, or being with friends, I will try to make it a goal this year to read AT LEAST one book.

CharlieCat: First off, I am very ashamed to admit I am not an avid reader anymore (comics don't count). My favorite author of all time with no doubt would have to be the man that inspired me to write fiction, in any form, Michael Crichton. He was the absolute best to me. Jurassic Park is a masterpiece! Sphere, The Terminal Man, Congo, The Great Train Robbery, Eaters of the Dead, A Case of Need, Prey and, Next are all amazing reads. I love his stories warning of the dangerous of trying to play God through science. Mostly known for sci-fi, he has done other genres incredibly well. A shout out to George Orwell for 1984, one of the most disturbing novels ever written with the most depressing messed up ending I have ever read. Great stuff! Also, Clive Barker's Books of Blood Vol.'s 1-3 is a great collection of short stories.

I would like to mention a few comic writers. Jeph Loeb is amazing. Anything he's done with Superman and or Batman is brilliant. He is the best comic writer at establishing unique voices for every different hero, villain, whoever in a comic. Most writers are terrible at this and write the same I'm a macho hero who makes wisecracks when the moment presents itself kind of banter. It gets old. Geoff Johns is awesome. His current resurrection and run on the Green Lantern franchise is phenomenal! Hal Jordan and the corps is back and with amazing storytelling! And it would be a sin not to mention Alan Moore. So there, I did.

3. Do you find internet or iPhone application (, applications on Facebook, Farmville, etc.) games more fun and/or addicting than ones on today’s video game consoles? What are some of the titles (if any) that you play on the internet?

STVO: As much fun as I find from some of the Facebook games (not Famville/Mafia Wars/Superhero City, don’t count me in on getting in the craze) there is no way they’ll ever replace my experience on these current consoles, the past consoles, or any future game consoles (unless every company decides to make nothing but wave the controller games.) With games like Resident Evil 4 and 5, the Uncharted Series, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Gears of War, and many more, they will forever eat up more of my game time than a rousing round of Farkle or Bomboozled ever will.

Despite that, Facebook,, and each respectively have some very entertaining games to play while you chat with a friend in AIM or FBchat! Some of my favorite titles include Collapse, Same Color, Bomboozled, Breaking Bricks, and almost any puzzle game! offers the original Tetris which while you can get that game on almost any console, will save many non- gamers who love a good Tetris-fix money from ever buying a console. There are many amusing and fun games on such as Amateur Surgeon (a very funny play off of the excellent Nintendo DS/Wii surgeon series “Trauma Center.”) I’m a console guy, even over hardcore PC titles such as World of Warcraft, Portal (which is among a few PC titles ported to consoles), and the rest, online flash games are no different to me. When I need a good fix and feel like watching TV (something that doesn’t require concentration, mind you) or you’re focused on making a conversation, these flash games are a great fix!

CharlieCat: I prefer internet gaming over the consoles today. I find them more addicting as well. A console game today, is a real large investment; money and time. I just don't have the time to invest myself in a game that's pretty much an interactive animated movie. That's not a put down, by the way. The stories of games for the past 15 years have been remarkable; almost better than seeing a lot of movies of today. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is a prime example.

I love the simplicity of a lot of the internet games out there. They are like Game Boy or Game Gear games in that sense: simple, yet fun. They can get very addicting. Um… ok, some favorites, well, I do really enjoy Superhero City (for shame) and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. There are also a lot of great games on Great site.


That's all for Part 1! Tune in Wednesday for Part 2. In the meantime please leave some comments and go on the Facebook Fanpage! Your feedback will help improve the site and I am all ears on hearing what kind of suggestions you all have. Also if you agree or disagree with what me, Charlie Cat, or anybody else who comes on says, please let us know!

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