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CROSSTOPIX #5: Part 3 of 3 - CrossACTION

IIIIIIIIIIIIt's Friday (or if I get this post done before Midnight, then 11-something PM Thursday!!!!!) that means CrossACTION is here to finish off the week! Once again this week, the original CrossTopix Duo Reunites for one week!!! (And reassuringly a few more times within the year most likely...) That's right STVO and CharlieCat have been discussing the important issues (well to geeks and some entertainment fans) and meet again today for agreements and rebuttals. This is...
Alright everyone, all answers have been made. It’s time for the part of the week where we pick one person and discuss one of their topics that we agree or disagree on. Remember; be courteous when expressing your opinions!

To get yourself caught up:
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STVO: While I don’t think Superman is all that great, I do admit CharlieCat gave a great explanation about Superman’s positive traits. He was/has been looked as a positive role model of what good people should be during many eras of life and he has been very influential towards people when creating other superheroes or even creating anti-superheroes (take Superman’s traits and put them in reverse.) Heroes of media come and go such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, etc. (I’m aware many of them are still around, but the popularity isn’t as much there as it was in their respective times.) Superman is timeless though, he’s been around during my parents’ time, during my childhood, and I’m sure many of the kids of this generation and future generations will continue to enjoy him as well. While I’m not a fan, he is one of the founding fathers of heroes in comic books and I’m sure his legacy will continue to live on.

CharlieCat: Ok, STVO, fair enough on your feelings towards Superman. We may disagree, but I really appreciate the fact that you realize his influence and importance in the comic industry. I'm just going to do a nerdy little rebuttal on a few things you said about my Man of Steel! (oh wow) It's all in good fun. First off, over the decades DC, in every medium, has made Superman less invincible as he first was. In his early years, he could withstand a nuclear explosion without budging him and had the strength to move a planet. And the bits of his homeworld turned radioactive through it's explosion, kryptonite, was the ONLY thing that could hurt him. Ridiculous! But not so, in the past few decades. Superman can be moved, drastically, from a missile hit and has to strain himself to stop a runaway locomotive! He's still incredibly strong but he can be beaten to death as proved by his battle with Doomsday. Other villains of mass and strength have almost brought him down such as Mongul, Hank Henshaw a.k.a. The Cyborg Superman, and of course the ultimate evil: Darkseid. Superman gets beaten pretty badly by one of his two arch-nemesis, Brainiac, with physical encounters. And this also makes for more intrigue, in my opinion, as his villains have to outwit him most of the time to take him on. Hence his primary arch-nemesis: Lex Luthor. Even Batman has taken Superman down.

The Clark Kent thing is always a favorite complaint of mine to hear people make. “All he is is Superman without the costume and figgin' glasses! People aren't that stupid!” Well yes and no. This is a really smart social commentary alter-ego, in my opinion. Nobody makes the connection between Clark Kent and Superman because of sex appeal. It's really what it comes down to. Girls go crazy over Rob Pattinson, the “dreamy hunk” of Twilight fame who couldn't act to save his life. But you think Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach from The Watchmen and the new Freddy Kreuger) is thought of that way? Uh, no. That's my extreme argument, but Clark Kent is this clumsy, scrappy, farm boy, who gets overlooked because he is physically unappealing and considered a loser by his actions. Superman has his bright blue and red costume, a body chiseled out of stone, and can fly! He can't possibly be that dork, Clark Kent! Haha. Instead of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, it's the nerd and the jock except both sides are good!


That's it for the 5th edition of CrossTopix! Thank you to CharlieCat for making an appearance this week, if he hadn't, STVO might have been talking to himself and argue with himself as well!! :O

Return back Monday for CrossTopix #6 as next week's guest is Tom Maher of the music podcast, Know Nothing Music Show! ( There are 60 episodes that you can listen to on the site!! For the first time on CrossTopix, there will be TWO music-related questions! You don't want to miss it, especially if you're a fan of music.

In the mean time, leave comments on what you thought of this week's edition as well the site overall. Also, if you haven't done it already, join the Facebook fanpage! Just like this week's episode of South Park said, if you're not a fan of CrossTopix on Facebook, that means you must hate the site.... :(

Have a great weekend everyone!

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