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CROSSTOPIX #6: Part 1 of 2

Welcome all to a new edition of CrossTopix! This week and in continuing weeks, I'm hoping to make some changes to the site that will reduce my workload but also be more enjoyable to you the readers. One of the current plans is to reduce things down to one update a week. Effective this week, CrossACTION will be on hiatus until further notice. I will continue to update once a week (minimum), but I want to make the site more reading friendly and keep you all interested. Once again, that is why I continuously ask for feedback and will continue to until I have 1,000,000 viewers each week (I guess we'll be waiting awhile...)

Anyway enough about me, let me introduce this week's guest:


Tom Maher: Well, first off I am glad to be a guest on CrossTopix and wish you guys the best of luck in the future. Anyhow, I'm Tom and am one half of the music audiocast "The Know Nothing Music Show". Tim my co-host and I started the show a little over a year ago as a way to talk about a subject we both love, music. Each week (more or less) we talk about some music news and take 2 to 3 new albums from bands across their genres and review and talk about them. We recently joined a group of audiocasts over at Pennycult and look forward to the next year.

Both Tim and I love music and this show is just two guys who love music talking about it and loving it. We are always looking for new bands and are always surprised by the great artist's we find and until that changes (I don't see that happening) we will continue to do what we love. And if anyone reading this has an album or artist you like and what us to talk about it just email us or give us a call by checking out Thanks and go listen to some good music and enjoy.

1. Remedy Entertainment, the developers that help made the Max Payne series has teamed up with

Microsoft to produce a new original game called Alan Wake, a psychological action horror game which has been inspired by many other works including Lost, Stephen King novels, and Twin Peaks. What is your outlook on this upcoming title? Will it be the next big survival horror title and will it be considered as a big Xbox original in the lines of Halo, Gears of War, and Fable?

STVO: I love survival horror and horror video games in general. I started on Sega Genesis with Splatter House 2, moved on with the Resident Evil series, and sometimes play lesser-known gems such as Eternal Darkness on Gamecube (btw, if you own a Gamecube or Wii and haven’t played this yet, hunt the game down , here you go:, and buy it!) Anyway, I am very fascinated by this game and have been since I saw videos of it at last year’s E3.

The story sounds excellent as Alan Wake is an author who is witnessing some ideas he’s created are coming to life (or is it his imagination?!?) and he has to survive in a place where he thought he was taking a vacation. I also find it interesting you have to shine away the bad guys of the darkness by using the flashlight on them and shoot them with your gun or attack them. I didn’t play as much of the Max Payne series as I wish to, but I have watched friends play it and I think with the team behind this game, we should have a winner. I think it would be great to see another killer app for the Xbox platform, but I guess I’ll have to wait to see reviews and hear the sales numbers before I call it the next big Xbox original.

Tom: I am personally looking to Alan Wake from the screen shots I've seen to what little I know about the plot. I was a huge fan of Max Payne and I've always enjoyed Stephen King so if this stands up to the hype than I will be excited. Personally I don't like speculating on titles before they come out but if Alan Wake has a good plot, the game play isn't funky in some manner, and if doesn't get repetitive like some games seem to do as they progress, then I see no reason that it can't be a big Xbox title. I'd also like to see how the voice acting goes since that can hamper an otherwise good game.

2. With all the adaptations Marvel Comics bring to the big screen, do you believe DC comics should be utilizing their cast of superheroes more? Jonna Hex is coming out later this year and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman projects are being "worked" on but what about the rest of the DC universe? The Flash, Green Arrow, The New Gods, heck, even Aquaman?

STVO: I’m not really as a big a DC fan as I am with Marvel comics. Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Punisher, Wolverine, etc. stand out as far more interesting characters (well with the exception of Batman.) That does not mean I don’t like DC though. I do like the Flash as I think his super speed and wise cracking personality (at least the one I saw on the animated Justice League series) would make for an excellent movie! If DC wants to make a funny anti-hero movie, how about making a movie about Lobo? If they worked it just right, I think they could make a pretty entertaining movie.

I encourage DC to make more movies on their heroes to get non-comic fans more interested. It’s been working wonders for Marvel (personally, for the Blade trilogy, most of my friends and I didn’t even know it was a comic!) I’m not saying make every DC property into a movie. Neither Green Arrow nor Aqua Man has ever interested me. Even as a child I remember renting an Aqua Man cartoon on video and being bored real quick and I think that The WB/CW turned down an Aqua Man TV series for a very good reason… Bottom line, we do have a flood of comic-based movies coming but I don’t mind personally as long as the right stories are being made. By the way the picture on the right and the video link at the bottom feature Aqua Man at his very best and I would make an exception to a TV series or movie about this Aqua Man....

Tom: DC needs to get on the ball! Marvel has realized that keeping relatively close to the comic and getting a director who understands the comic is box-office gold. To be perfectly honest, I've always been more of a Marvel fan boy but I am still a big fan of the big four DC brands and with what Nolan did for Batman I see no reason why they can't do that for the other titles. That's not to say they should make them all dark but find what makes Superman a Superman comic or what makes Green Lantern “Green Lantern” and make a good plot and cast correctly and us fan boys will be happy.

3. The Internet has quickly grown into another medium where aspiring artists, writers, and others can let their creative juices flow. YouTube and other video sites even go as far as having original content from artists that create their own programs such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, Dax Flame, and Tourettes Guy. What are some of your favorite series from the Internet?

STVO: One website podcast I really enjoy is Wrestlecrap Radio ( If you haven’t heard of the website , pretty much it’s a website that discusses the worst ever wrestling gimmicks (a wrestling Santa Clause, the time a giant egg was in the stadium and hatched a dancing turkey, or even the XFL.) Their radio show is two of the people who have created the site discussing random/crazy ideas, often not related to wrestling, with random call-ins from their made-up characters “Angry Jim Ross” or “Mike Check.” The show is an acquired taste, so it isn’t for everyone.

I do enjoy the Angry Video Game Nerd as he often reviews awful video games I remember as a kid (the Back to the Future game for NES was horrible!) Sometimes he will even do ones I never knew of and probably am thankful I never did play. Captain S is a nice homage to one of my favorite cartoons of all-time “Captain N: The Game Master” as well as the corny 1980s TV sitcoms such as Full House and Who’s the Boss with a Sega Genesis flavor to it.

Now one series EVERYONE needs to check out is “Star-Ving.” (Warning: TV-MA Content: If you like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and loved “Married… With Children” you will love this show! It’s about David Faustino (the actor who played Bud Bundy) as well as his friend Cornin Nemec (aka Parker Lewis of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose) living their lives in Hollywood having less than successful lives with attempts to score weed and make money. Lots of celebrity appearances (even a Married with Children family cast reunion!) Episodes can be found on Hulu and YouTube, so if you like adult humor and aren’t offended too easily, check this show out!

Tom: To be honest I haven't watched an original program on YouTube in a while but I've seen Tourettes Guy and another one called I believe the Retard Cop. But what I think is really the heart of this is that the creators and writers don't have just TV or movies to show their content, but the internet as well. As of right now all that content is free and with so much out there it makes for a better group of shows and most constantly pushing the boundaries and that’s what makes other shows great.


That is all for part 1 this week! Part 2 will be posted either this Wednesday or Friday depending on my schedule. Again, voice your opinion on if you want the site to be continued in parts or one update. Also, let me know whether you'd like to see the return of CrossACTION, a new feature to replace it, or just leave it as discussion no rebuttals/agreements.

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